I Really Like To Rhyme

I really like to rhyme,
I do it all the time.
But the way my mum and dad complain
you’d think it was a crime!

Early every morning
I ignore their warning
and tell them rhymes to wake them up
and stop their lazy yawning.

‘Come on Mum! Out of bed!
Don’t you be a sleepy head!’
I rhyme cleverly in her ear.
‘It’s time that I was fed!’

‘Wake up Dad! The day’s begun!
Get up just like the sun,’
I say while pulling off his quilt.
โ€˜Youโ€™re missing all the fun!’

But, they donโ€™t praise my verse.
They tell me off, and, worse,
Forbid me rhyming ever again.
Being a poet’s a curse!



35 thoughts on “I Really Like To Rhyme

  1. Hi Kristen, I love your poem “I really like to rhyme”. Thanks. I get it. I’m really annoying to my parents too and it really made me laugh.

    • Thanks Mia,

      I like writing silly and sensible poems, but I guess at the moment I’m writing more sensible ones. If you like silly poems, you should read Mike Lucas’s poems. You can find a link to his website on my poetry links page.


  2. Hello Kristen. Rhymes are so satisfying. That is why I like your poems. It is actually very hard to find rhyming words, for me but you have really done an awesome job! I cant believe how your parents told you off for saying rhymes because rhymes are awesome, they should be amazed. Have you written any novels before?

  3. Hi Kristin

    Itโ€™s me Dinidu. I like your silly poem that made me laugh. I wish to use your rhymes to wake up my Mom n Dad in the next winter.
    I definitely have to wake up my Dad when he snores in the mornings .


  4. hi Kristen

    I grew up in Eugene with your Mom and Dad. My brother, Bill, and your dad were friends in high school. I was also a good friend of Lynn’s brother, Jerry.

    I love these poems. I am a church librarian and would love to buy a copy of your book.

    Let me know.

    • Hi Judy,

      Thanks so much for letting me know you like my poems. Unfortunately they are only published here. If they ever some out in a book I’ll let you know.

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