I Really Like To Rhyme

I really like to rhyme,
I do it all the time.
But the way my mum and dad complain
you’d think it was a crime!

Early every morning
I ignore their warning
and tell them rhymes to wake them up
and stop their lazy yawning.

‘Come on Mum! Out of bed!
Don’t you be a sleepy head!’
I rhyme cleverly in her ear.
‘It’s time that I was fed!’

‘Wake up Dad! The day’s begun!
Get up just like the sun,’
I say while pulling off his quilt.
‘You’re missing all the fun!’

But, they don’t praise my verse.
They tell me off, and, worse,
Forbid me rhyming ever again.
Being a poet’s a curse!



33 thoughts on “I Really Like To Rhyme

  1. Hi Kristen, I love your poem “I really like to rhyme”. Thanks. I get it. I’m really annoying to my parents too and it really made me laugh.

    • Thanks Mia,

      I like writing silly and sensible poems, but I guess at the moment I’m writing more sensible ones. If you like silly poems, you should read Mike Lucas’s poems. You can find a link to his website on my poetry links page.


  2. Hello Kristen. Rhymes are so satisfying. That is why I like your poems. It is actually very hard to find rhyming words, for me but you have really done an awesome job! I cant believe how your parents told you off for saying rhymes because rhymes are awesome, they should be amazed. Have you written any novels before?

  3. Hi Kristin

    It’s me Dinidu. I like your silly poem that made me laugh. I wish to use your rhymes to wake up my Mom n Dad in the next winter.
    I definitely have to wake up my Dad when he snores in the mornings .


  4. hi Kristen

    I grew up in Eugene with your Mom and Dad. My brother, Bill, and your dad were friends in high school. I was also a good friend of Lynn’s brother, Jerry.

    I love these poems. I am a church librarian and would love to buy a copy of your book.

    Let me know.

    • Hi Judy,

      Thanks so much for letting me know you like my poems. Unfortunately they are only published here. If they ever some out in a book I’ll let you know.

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