What’s Underneath My Hammock?

I lay across the hammock on an early summer’s day
and pushed my toes against the deck, which made the hammock sway.
My thoughts rose up above the clouds then drifted far away.

When suddenly my peaceful state was shattered by a sound,
the scuffing of a something sliding fast across the ground.
I pulled my toes in close to me and bravely looked around.

The deadly snake that I was grimly certain I would find,
with fearsome fangs inside its head, its body stretched behind,
was just a silly figment of my overactive mind.

It made me laugh to see a little lizard, nothing more.
There’s no way it would hurt me with its harmless looking jaw.
Its stumpy legs could barely lift its belly off the floor.

I leant my face down close to it and said, ‘Now what are you?’
The lizard hissed and showed its tongue- a murky shade of blue.
I knew at once what it was called. Let’s see, do you know too?

(Blue-tongue Lizard)

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