My Sock Is Sad

My sock is sad.
I know it’s true.
It’s crying tears
that fill my shoe.
My sock and shoe
and foot are wet.
That’s how I know
my sock’s upset.

Why is my sock
that’s pink and white,
and normally
a cheerful sight,
why is it sad?
I’ll tell you why.
I’ll tell you what
made my sock cry.

It is alone.
It lost its pair.
Its pink friend is
not anywhere.
And when it looks
in my left shoe
it sees a sock
that’s coloured blue.

And so my sock
feels quite upset.
And that is why
my foot is wet.



6 thoughts on “My Sock Is Sad

    • Thank you, Katy. I’m glad you like it. I need to take a photo of your pink and white sock to put with the poem. My sock is not quite the right colour.

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