My Sock Is Sad

My sock is sad.
I know it’s true.
It’s crying tears
that fill my shoe.
My sock and shoe
and foot are wet.
That’s how I know
my sock’s upset.

Why is my sock
that’s pink and white,
and normally
a cheerful sight,
why is it sad?
I’ll tell you why.
I’ll tell you what
made my sock cry.

It is alone.
It lost its pair.
Its pink friend is
not anywhere.
And when it looks
in my left shoe
it sees a sock
that’s coloured blue.

And so my sock
feels quite upset.
And that is why
my foot is wet.



49 thoughts on “My Sock Is Sad

  1. Great poem Kristen!
    I always go to sleep with socks on, but when I wake up I have to hunt for them in a jungle of blankets.

  2. I like your poem. I lose my socks all the time, but my socks don’t get sad! They are happy to have a break from each other because the just can’t stand one another!

  3. Hi Kristin

    It might be under all of your socks?

    It’s ok, I am sure you can find it. I wear odd socks all the time because my daddy wears odd socks.

    I want to try and wear odd shoes one day.


  4. This is very true to my socks because all of them have lost their pair except that I don’t get wet feet during the day which is good. I must say that it is hard to keep the pairs together because I have a feeling that I have a sock monster at home that takes them one by one. Having a sock monster is hard because all socks are different sizes and you don’t want to wear anklets and long ones.

  5. I have never had a sad sock before. This is a very nice poem that I have read! I chose this poem to read because the title seemed very interesting. The thing I really liked about is the part where it says ” It is alone, it’s lost a pair, it’s pink friend is not anywhere”. I like that part because it shows why the sock is sad. This poem made me imagine a cartoon sock crying! I don’t really cry if my friend is away from school. Even if it was sad, it was not that bad, in fact it was pretty funny!


    • Hi Thisali,

      I’m glad you like this poem. I like it, though I think it is quite silly. (I think the sock was wet because I stepped in a puddle, but that is not so interesting.)


    • Thank you, Katy. I’m glad you like it. I need to take a photo of your pink and white sock to put with the poem. My sock is not quite the right colour.

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