Creature of Many Talents

This morning I watched an acrobat
swinging through the air.
She looked so beautiful in the sky
with the wind blowing through her hair.

This morning I watched a carpenter
showing off her skill.
She reminds me of my Grandpapa
when he works with his saw and drill.

This morning I watched a builder
constructing a new deck.
She seemed so strong and practical
carrying timber across her neck.

This morning I watched the Orang-utan
in her enclosure at the zoo.
I thought she seemed so clever.
I wish I could do those things too.



26 thoughts on “Creature of Many Talents

  1. hello Kristin,
    Yes I did write a poem about elephants and you said that it had been published. if you want proof my poem is on, my grandpas zoo.

  2. hi Kristin,
    I loved that poem! I liked the way you did special and interesting jobs. Was this poem mostly based on a circus? Lots of different animals do lots of different things. Very interesting right? I love elephants just ask me a question and I will know the answer elephants could do lots of different things..

    • Hi Tirath,

      This poem was all about an orang-utan- every single stanza was about the things she can do!

      Have you written a poem about elephants?


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