Creature of Many Talents

This morning I watched an acrobat
swinging through the air.
She looked so beautiful in the sky
with the wind blowing through her hair.

This morning I watched a carpenter
showing off her skill.
She reminds me of my Grandpapa
when he works with his saw and drill.

This morning I watched a builder
constructing a new deck.
She seemed so strong and practical
carrying timber across her neck.

This morning I watched the Orang-utan
in her enclosure at the zoo.
I thought she seemed so clever.
I wish I could do those things too.



38 thoughts on “Creature of Many Talents

  1. Hi Kristin,
    It is amazing the orang-utan can do soo many things!! The orang-utan is not my favourite animal but this orang-Utahn sounds really talented!!! Just like you !!! Love all you poems hope to hear from you soon!!! Bye
    Clara ❤️

  2. Hi Kristin
    I loved this poem and it was really cool. You are an amazing poet, and you should be super famous! What is your favourite out of an acrobat, carpenter, builder, or an orangutan?

  3. Hi Kristin
    I love this poem as the other poems were good. One of the features you used in this poem was rhyming words at the end of line two and line four on each paragraph of this amazing poem. I have a question, what inspired you about this poem and where did you think of this poem or did it just come to your mind? Are orangutans one of your favourite animals?

    • Hi Nuwin,

      I wrote this poem a long time ago after watching the orang-utans at the Adelaide Zoo. They are not my favourite animals, but I do like them. They are very clever. I think we should stop buying palm oil products so their habitat doesn’t get destroyed.


  4. hello Kristin,
    Yes I did write a poem about elephants and you said that it had been published. if you want proof my poem is on, my grandpas zoo.

  5. hi Kristin,
    I loved that poem! I liked the way you did special and interesting jobs. Was this poem mostly based on a circus? Lots of different animals do lots of different things. Very interesting right? I love elephants just ask me a question and I will know the answer elephants could do lots of different things..

    • Hi Tirath,

      This poem was all about an orang-utan- every single stanza was about the things she can do!

      Have you written a poem about elephants?


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