Aldabra Giant Tortoises

Yes, we know,
we are rather slow,
but what is all the fuss?
You would take your time as well
if you lived as long as us.

While you may
grow old and grey
and live till your life is through.
We will keep on plodding for
a century more than you.

29 thoughts on “Aldabra Giant Tortoises

  1. I’m 6 and I chose this poem because I like turtles.
    I like the sentence about living for a century longer than people!
    I’t made me think, If I was a turtle i’d like to live to be 60,000 years old!

  2. Yes, Tortoises are slow. But when I read your poem I realize more than their slowness you are trying tell us their good things like long life etc. My mam always says look at good side of anything or anybody than bad side. Then we start like them. I like this poem.

  3. If you lived s long as an aldabra giant tortoise, what would you spend the majority of your life doing?


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